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    Featured Photography Articles

  • Some Basic Tips On Using Your Camera

    By Yvonne Volante

    It's true that taking photos is as simple as running out and grabbing a cheap five dollar camera. But taking good, quality photos has never been easier. So lets explore some quick ideas that can help you take photos that you will be happy to share with friends and family...

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  • Shooting Cowboys

    By Phyllis Coletta

    Photographers love a challenge and there’s nothing more exciting than trying to capture motion on film. In this arena, there’s hardly a venue more exhilarating and powerful than cowboys running horses through the Western wilderness...

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  • Photographs Everywhere, But Is It Really Art?

    By Sue Kennedy

    I once heard a lady say to a photographer that she would have bought his work if it had been a painting. She liked the image, but for whatever reason didn't consider the medium suitable for her “it's just a photo”...

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  • Travel and Scenic Photography 101

    By Seth Lutnick

    When you're driving through the mountains somewhere, and you notice a car parked half off the road and some guy leaning to the left to avoid a branch with his Rebel 2000 camera in the act of focusing, you've met me...

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