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Welcome to the Watercolor Painting section of On the following pages you will find an awesome selection of step by step watercolor painting demonstrations, techniques and tips that I am certain you will find enjoyable. The watercolor instruction on the following pages has been generously donated by professional artists from all over the world. We are most grateful for their generosity and we hope you enjoy! Happy watercolor painting!

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  • Watercolor Painting Demonstration - Fluffy Young Duckling

    Watercolor painting demonstration by Dawn McLeod Heim

    By Dawn McLeod Heim

    Over the years I have had numerous inquiries and requests to create a website not only geared towards learning how to paint watercolor in a realistic manner, but also a place that fellow watercolor enthusiasts can have the opportunity to purchase and paint the class projects that I have taught my students.

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  • How to paint a watercolor painting

    How to Paint a Watercolor Painting

    By Donna Weber

    Naturally, you'll start with the white of the paper. From there, I take a color I'll be using in the painting and begin to draw my image. In this instance, I'm using a mat board that's been coated with gesso. I like this surface because the watercolor is so easily erased if a mistake is made. At this point, I've chosen to do a complimentary color scheme, yellow and blue.

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  • Watercolor Painting Lesson - How To Paint With 4 Pigments

    Watercolor Painting Lesson by Cyrille Jubert

    By Cyrille Jubert

    The most important teaching of this page is perhap’s to learn how to look at the reflected colors on your subject, in deep or light shades. Try “to see” with an artist eye who exagerate contrasts and colors. It is rather easy if you start with photos. When you will be more familiar with this way of seeing, perhap’s ill you look at life differently....

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  • Masters Of Watercolor Painting

    Step by Step Watercolor

    By H. M. CUNDALL

    The earliest form of painting was with colours ground in water. Egyptian artists three thousand years B.C. used this method, and various mediums, such as wax and mastic, were added as a fixative. It was what is now known as tempera painting. The Greeks acquired their knowledge of the art from the Egyptians, and later the Romans dispersed it throughout Europe.

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