Step By Step Watercolor Painting Lessons

Welcome to the Watercolor Painting section of On the following pages you will find an awesome selection of step by step watercolor painting demonstrations, techniques and tips that I am certain you will find enjoyable. The watercolor instruction on the following pages has been generously donated by professional artists from all over the world. We are most grateful for their generosity and we hope you enjoy! Happy watercolor painting!

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  • How to Paint a Flower in Watercolours

    How to Paint a Flower in Watercolours

    By Barbara Fox

    I paint in layers, so step one is laying in the first layer. I call this my “base layer”, because I am painting the color of the subject, albeit with some variety. This is done in sections, painting every other petal, for the rose. Let each section dry completely before painting the section next to it.....

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  • How to Paint a Rose in Watercolor Step by Step

    How to Paint a Rose in Watercolor

    By Barbara Fox

    For a complicated drawing like this, I usually do a tracing of my little photograph, then using my copy machine, I enlarge the image and copy this onto my watercolor paper. I hang the drawing on a big. sunny window, tape the wc paper over the drawing, then trace the image. I paint in layers, so step one is painting the first layer. I call this my “base layer”, because I am painting the color of the subject, albeit with some variety. This is done in sections, painting every other petal, for the rose. Let each section dry completely before painting the section next to it., otherwise the colors will run....

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  • Watercolor Painting Tutorial Ė Value Pattern

    Watercolor Value Patterns Lesson

    By Peter Fleming

    When organizing your painting it is important that you spend some time before painting thinking about the arrangement of the lights, darks and midtones in you painting. This planning stage will give you a better chance of painting a focused and entertaining painting. Due to watercolors’ unforgiving nature it is important that we do not begin to paint without some understanding of where we are going . It is much easier to change the value pattern than to change the painting once we are putting paint on paper. Most good artists do not overlook the planning stage and it is the fastest and most effective way to move past strictly replicating photographs....

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  • How to Paint Birch Trees in Watercolour

    How to Paint Birch Trees in Watercolour

    By Peter Humeniuk

    Using the photograph provided (or, where not available, the photo of the completed painting) lightly sketch in the design on your watercolour paper. When painting your own compositions, you should always spend some time on thumbnail sketches, planning the arrangement of your shapes. Remember to vary the size and contours while creating a design that you can paint without too much difficulty. You want to have some fun during the painting…the journey is just as important as the destination....

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  • How to paint a watercolor painting

    How to Paint a Watercolor Painting

    By Donna Weber

    Naturally, you'll start with the white of the paper. From there, I take a color I'll be using in the painting and begin to draw my image. In this instance, I'm using a mat board that's been coated with gesso. I like this surface because the watercolor is so easily erased if a mistake is made. At this point, I've chosen to do a complimentary color scheme, yellow and blue.

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  • Watercolor Painting Techniques Ė Painting Metal

    Watercolor Painting Techniques - Painting Metal

    By John Fisher

    Metal objects always pose a special problem for painters in watercolour. The purists among us don’t like to use a solid white to pick out the highlights, and beginners often avoid tackling shiny metal in still life paintings. Brass and copper are usually easier, as they have base colours – but what colour is a silver teapot? As with chrome, it depends. It depends on what surrounds the silver teapot. Is is being painted in natural daylight? Incandescent light? Fluorescent light or a mixture. For this demonstration I’ve chosen a silver plated teapot lit by fluorescent light on a no-seam pale green background...

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  • The Looser You Get, The More Real It Seems: Watercolor Demonstration

    Debi Watson Watercolor Demo

    By Debi Watson

    I wanted to do this watercolor painting as a video demonstration, but it didnít work out, so Iím putting it in as a step-by-step lesson. Let me know if you think itís understandable. This is my drawing. The grey is Pebeo masking fluid and I applied it on the beach with a toothbrush, trying for a random pattern. (I got the shadow of my head in the middle, but the rest of the photos I did rightÖ..

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  • Watercolor Lesson Ė Learn How to Paint a Bluebird From a Photo

    Watercolor Bluebird Painting Lesson

    By Karen Frye

    I am a self taught artist who loves to paint, and, if you can learn from loving it, that’s what I did. I am now living in Northeast Oklahoma, but I was brought up in Northern Wisconsin. My favorite things to paint are snow scenes and trees. I really like to see a beginner paint one of my designs in their style even though they don’t even know they have a style....

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  • Watercolor and Pastel Painting Demonstration Ė Letís Paint Winter Woods!

    Watercolor Landscape Painting Demo

    By Christine Kane

    Christine Kane is a pastel and watercolor artist who is inspired by the Midwest landscape and itís seasons. To find new ideas for her paintings, she hikes in the forest preserves during all seasons. Christine began drawing at an early age. She focused her education on art and has a degree in Graphic Design. She is continuing her studies and is currently pursuing a degree in Natural Resources....

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  • Decisions, Decisions

    Descisions Decisions

    By Ronnie Cramer

    Step by step watercolor painting demonstration.

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  • Watercolor - No Damage Highlights by Vera Dennen

    No Damage Highlights

    By Vera Dennen

    As an established artist I receive many questions from beginning or intermediate watercolorists who have become frustrated by one step or another. How to deal with a large wash, when and where to add shadows, how to simulate texture such as tree bark, and many more undertakings which can prove daunting to solve on ones own.

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  • Watercolor Painting Demonstration - "Belcanto Tulip"

    Belcanto Tulip

    By Michele Frantz

    I do a lot of these small "flower portraits" with dark, blue/green backgrounds. This is an approach I picked up from Virginia artist Joe Phillips. I use it a little differently than Joe, but it's been pretty successful for me so far. I don't know why I make so many of the images square! -- they just seem to work better that way.

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  • Watercolour Demonstration

    Watercolour Demo

    By Cameron Weller

    This commission required two fishing boats, 'Delta Dawn' and 'Harvester', moored by the Arun View Hotel in Littlehampton. Several photographs were taken to record the detail of the two boats and the background.

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  • Contemplation


    By Rich Bloechl

    When I began to develop ideas for this painting, I began with an image I had taken while in the Army, stationed in Vietnam. I was walking down a street in Can Tho, were I was stationed, and I came upon an old gentleman squatting on the corner. I pulled out my trusty Kodak Hawkeye camera and took a picture. I carried a camera with me just about everywhere I went...

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  • 9 Beautiful Watercolor Demos

    Jennifer Branch

    By Jennifer Branch

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  • Third and Santa Fe

    Third and Santa Fe

    By Ronnie Cramer

    For this demonstration, I decided to paint a tavern located on Santa Fe Drive in Denver. The last time I passed by, the late-day sun was casting some interesting shadows on the building so I snapped this picture. It's a low-resolution digital photo shot with an inexpensive Largan Chameleon camera. The Chameleon is very small and therefore quite handy to carry around all the time.

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