Landscape & Plein Air Painting Instruction

Welcome to the Landscape and Plein Air Painting section of The art instruction on the following pages has been generously donated by professional artists from all over the world. We are most grateful for their generosity and we hope you enjoy! Happy painting!

Featured Landscape Painting Instruction & Tutorials

  • Landscape Painting Demonstration by Dan Schultz

    Oil Painting Tutorial By Dan Dos Santos

    By Dan Schultz

    For this 18″ x 24″ studio painting I used Claessens double-oil-primed linen canvas, #15 (my usual painting surface), mounted on 1/2″ Gator Board. I applied an initial wash to the canvas with a color that I hoped would end up being pretty close to my final color for the creek bed in the foreground. I don’t use any medium with my paint, just mineral spirits (Gamsol made by Gamblin) that I sometimes use to thin the paint (which I did for the initial wash, then lightly wiped it with a paper towel).

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  • Aspen Grove Study

    Aspen Grove Study

    By Jim Thomas

    his painting is inspired by my many hikes amongst local Aspen groves in various seasons in northern Arizona, and the idea lends itself to my "discovery" approach, painting into a dark value background without a definitive drawing. This allows for spontaneous discovery and great joy while painting.

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