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Featured Jewelry Making Instructions

  • Finishing off leather cord

    Lachlan Donald

    There are many ways to finish off a leather cord by gluing the cord to a hook end, however, the method shown here is sturdy and does not require any use of glue. This finishing might be a little bulkier than other solutions, but from a purist's point of view, it makes for a more elegant piece of jewelry for not using any glue or solder.

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  • Making Memory Wire Jewelry

  • By Lee Dobbins

  • Making jewelry is a fun hobby and for some can become a full time business. At the very least, you will be able to make gorgeous and unique jewelry to wear and give as gifts. As with any hobby, you need to start with the basics and using memory wire to make jewelry is a method that requires a bit less skill than some of the others. Memory wire jewelry does not need a clasp or fancy crimping and one size fits all.

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