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Left handed crochet help

Working crochet left-handed is just as easy as working it right-handed. The methods for forming the stitches and holding the hook and yarn remain the same; you simply use your left instead of right hand. Patterns and instructions are generally written for right-handed people.

Therefore, remember to substitute left for right and vice versa. This is the only adjustment you will need to make. The easiest way to learn crochet if youre left-handed is to sit opposite another crocheter and mirror their movements.

If youre using a book for instruction, you can take the illustrations to a copiers and ask them to make transfer image copies. This flips the images over. If looking at diagrams on the Internet, keep a mirror next to your monitor. Position it so that you can view your monitor through it. The mirror will flip the images to make them left hand interpreted. Alternately, use the right click function on your mouse over the image.

Any image-editing program, like Windows Paint, will allow you to reverse diagrams before printing out by doing a "horizontal flip". Usually though, it can be easier to change the settings on your printer so that it reverse or mirror image prints.

Sometimes, you may have to take a few minutes to prepare if youre a left hander, but the amount of effort is minimal and will save you hours that could be lost trying to figure out how to reverse instructions.


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