How To Crochet

Learn How To Crochet

How to use crochet

A huge variety of free and commercial crochet patterns are available, covering a wide variety of uses. Changes in fashion mean that during different eras, different types of crocheted products are popular. Crocheted yokes were commonly made and sewn to the tops of dresses and nightgowns at the start of the twentieth century.

Today, those designs are more likely to be used for clothing for very young children. Simple shawls, ponchos and scarves are popular with many beginners, and sweaters, cardigans, coats and tops amongst those who prefer more of a challenge.

But the uses for crochet are almost endless. You can make hats; bags; edging patterns for pillows, tablecloths; curtains; mittens; baby clothes; dolls; blankets; hot water bottle covers. Items that can be knitted can also be crocheted.


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