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Definition Of Terms Used In Crochet

CHAIN-STITCH OPEN CROCHET.—This consists of five or any uneven number of loops attached by a plain stitch to every third stitch of the foundation, and in the succeeding rows to the centre loop of the chain of previous row.

THREE CHAIN CROCHET.—Work a chain of three loops as in chain-stitch open crochet.

DOUBLE CROCHET.—Work as follows: having made a chain, pass the needle through the first loop on the chain, draw the cotton through the loop, there will now be two loops on the needle, through these draw the cotton.

SINGLE CROCHET.—Insert the needle in the loops, and draw the cotton through this loop and that on the needle.

RIBBED CROCHET.—This is worked in a similar manner to double crochet, only that the under loop of the previous row is taken, and it is done in rows to and fro.

LONG STITCH.—Twist the cotton round the needle, pass it through the loop, draw the cotton through the first two loops on the needle, then catch the cotton again and draw it through the next two loops; there will be one loop left on the needle.

DOUBLE LONG STITCH.—This resembles long stitch, excepting that the cotton is twisted twice round the needle.

TREBLE LONG STITCH.—Twist the cotton three times round the needle.

SINGLE OPEN CROCHET.—This is a succession of long stitches, with a chain-stitch between each, missing one stitch of the foundation; in the succeeding rows the long stitch is worked between the two long stitches of the preceding rows.

DOUBLE OPEN CROCHET.—This consists of two long stitches, then two chain-stitches; or it may be varied by making one long stitch, two chain-stitches, missing the same number of stitches in foundation as there are chain-stitches.

TREBLE OPEN CROCHET.—Work three long stitches, then three chain, missing three of the foundation.

VANDYKE OPEN CROCHET.—Work three long stitches into one of the foundation, make one chain-stitch, miss three of the foundation; repeat. In the next and following rows the long stitches are worked in the chain-stitch.