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Welcome to the colored pencil section of We have gathered a nice selection of free colored pencil lessons on the following pages of which you are sure to learn a great deal from. These lessons have been generously donated by professional artists from all over the world. We are most grateful for their generosity and we hope you enjoy!

Colored Pencil Lessons

  • Colored Pencil Tools and Techniques for the Wax and Oil Based Colored Pencil

    Colored Pencil Lesson By Sheri Lynn Boyer Doty

    By Sheri Lynn Boyer Doty

    Sheri Doty received a B F A degree in 1972 from the University of Utah with a painting and drawing emphasis. Having experimented with non-representational styles during her student years, Sheri preferred classic realism as thought by professor Alvin Gittins. He and the professors under whom she studied, emphasized strong drawing and painting skills.
    Sheri’s paintings have earned her awards in regional, national and international art exhibitions and invitational shows including purchase awards and permanent museum acquisitions. Sanford Corporation, formerly known as Berol USA., used her artwork to showcase its PRISMACOLOR colored pencil product line internationally for over 25 years. Sheri is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America [C.P.S.A.].

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  • Colored Pencil Tutorial By Paula Pertile

    Colored Pencil Techniques by Paula Pertile

    By Paula Pertile

    This is a lovely wedge of Cotswald cheese (which has bits of herbs in it) with a little cherry tomato on top. I will show you step-by-step how it was created. I used Faber-Castell Polychromo colored pencils on Strathmore 500 Series cold pressed illustration board. The pencil colors used are Yellow Ochre, Canary Yellow, Grey Green, Cadmium Orange, Orange Yellow, Chrome Green, Sea Green, Geranium Lake, Scarlet Red, Dark Red, Light Flesh, Deep Red, True Green, Light Green, Light Ultramarine.

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  • King Cheetah Colored Pencil Tutorial

    King Cheetah Colored Pencil Tutorial

    By Linda Poynter

    This is a tutorial on my technique for using colored pencils. The subject is a King Cheetah which is a color variation on the Cheetah's normally spotted coat. The King Cheetah's coat includes stripes as well as spots. The materials used in this demo are, an 8X10 piece of cresent matboard in a beige color and prismacolor colored pencils with a bit of white gouach on the lightest parts of the coat and the highlights of the eyes.

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  • Coral Poppy - Colored Pencil Demonstration

    Coral Poppy Colored Pencil Demonstration

    by Kristy Ann Krutch

    With a color photocopy of a reference photo, I rearranged and cropped elements of the poppy composition. Using an HB pencil and light pressure, I drew my composition onto four-ply, 100% cotton museum board (frequently found among framing supplies.)

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  • Blessed Event

    Blessed Event Colored Pencil Techniques

    By Barbara Benedetti Newton, CPSA

    The first step in creating a new painting is a line drawing that shows placement of objects. A line drawing can be simple outlines of shapes or can be detailed rendering of objects. Then the lines are transferred to paper or board for the final painting. To keep my paper clean, I usually transfer only one area at a time--whichever area I plan to work on next.

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  • Step by Step - Skin Tone Demo

    Colored Pencil Skin Tone Demo

    By Ann Kullberg

    You'll notice in this lesson that I start the portrait by first filling in the darkest area of the portrait...her dress. Once complete, I work on the tree trunk & limbs...

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  • Step by Step - Hair Demo

    Colored Pencil Hair Demo

    By Ann Kullberg

    Smooth, relatively straight hair like this is a snap in colored pencil, as you'll see. It's just a matter of finding the darks, leaving the highlights, and building/dividing the mid-tones!

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  • Colored Pencil Drawing

    By Brenne Meirowitz

    As primarily a figurative artist, I really enjoy colored pencil drawing. One of the best things that I like about using colored pencils is the portability. Unlike other medium such as paint or clay, all I need to do is to throw into a canvas bag a good set of pencils, a kneaded eraser, and of course - paper! Well, sometimes I prefer using cold press illustration board, especially if I am also using Prismacolor watercolor pencils. However, when on the run, I don't usually apply water to my drawing until I am in the safety of my studio. The main reason is because if I apply water to either board or paper, it will buckle or wrinkle if not securely taped down. Also, a wet surface is much more vulnerable to tears, scratches, and foreign particles adhering to the moist area. Yet, if you're lucky to be drawing outdoors near a water fountain, and plan to stay several hours, then go ahead and apply water - and have fun!

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  • Prismacolor Colored Pencils Drawing Techniques

    By Brenne Meirowitz

    Prismacolor Colored Pencils are superb art materials for drawing, whether you are a hobbyist, art student, or professional artist. Prismacolor pencils are made of high quality pigments, which lend themselves to creating drawings rich with color, tonal value, and texture. They are also excellent for black and white drawing as well....

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